What, she's not allowed to be critical of Knocked Up just because she acted in it? You've never taken a shitty job or put up with crap from an assohole boss because you needed a paycheck/a resume builder? Please. Knocked Up sucked and I'm glad she's admitting it. » 1/18/08 2:33pm 1/18/08 2:33pm

@nyobserver: Not a spoof. My ex-boyfriend was raised a Scientologist (no longer practices) and he says this is pretty typical of the marketing videos produced by the church. A lot of it is jargon that only Scientologists or people who are familiar with the church would understand. For example, SP=suppressive person,… » 1/14/08 6:39pm 1/14/08 6:39pm

@avoncobra: I don't get it either and I have had a kid. I had an epidural and it was great—I was able to sleep through a big chunk of the labor, so when it came time to push it only took 20 minutes. My husband was with me the whole time and mostly we were alone in the room, listening to music and hanging out. It was… » 1/09/08 12:53pm 1/09/08 12:53pm

I can't hate on Tony Randall. He was married to his first wife for 50 years even though she wasn't able to have children. He got a second chance with the young hottie—do you blame him? I don't know what she got out of it but eh, I can't hate on her either. Different strokes and all. » 1/08/08 6:12pm 1/08/08 6:12pm

@badmutha: This. When I went back to work after maternity leave people kept asking me if I was in "agony" (yes, they actually used that word) over leaving my kid at home. Fer chrissakes. I love my job and even though there are days when I really miss my kid or feel a pang because I missed out on his first laugh,… » 12/26/07 1:43pm 12/26/07 1:43pm